Updates to Civil, Criminal Case Reassignments, Courtroom Moves

On June 19, 2018, Eighth Judicial District Court Judge Elizabeth Gonzalez released an open letter to members of the legal community regarding the July 2, 2018 Civil and Criminal Case Reassignments and Courtroom Moves. See STMFP-RJC-218062613220 (PDF to download).

Also this letter, Judge Gonzalez announced the relocation of several judicial departments to courtrooms in the Regional Justice Center:

  • Department 2 from 11D to 3B
  • Department 29 from 3B to 15A
  • Department 7 from 15A to 10th floor
  • Department 11 from 10th floor to 3E
  • Department 19 from 3E to 16B
  • Department 4 from 16B to 12D
  • Department 16 from 12D to 3H
  • Department 15 from 3H to 11D

Judge Gonzalez encourages all members of the bar to review the court’s recent administrative orders and to visit the court’s website to determine whether the reassignment will have an impact on their cases. See “Court News” at www.clarkcountycourts.us.

Judge Gonzalez announced the following information:

“Current trial dates will be maintained unless rescheduled by the receiving department. Please review the posted administrative orders and the Odyssey electronic case management system for further specifics on the aforementioned reassignments and to confirm upcoming hearing dates. In the event you are eligible pursuant to Supreme Court Rule 48.1, you may exercise a peremptory challenge as a result of your case having been reassigned.”

Related: “Clark County Court Orders Case Reassignments, Track Changes (Eff. July 2, 2018)” posted June 20, 2018 at https://www.clarkcountybar.org/clark-county-court-orders-case-reassignments-track-changes-eff-july-2-2018/.