Trial By Peers (a youth court program) Needs Nevada Attorneys to Volunteer

The Clark County Law Foundation is in need of several Nevada attorneys to volunteer to be senior attorneys for the juvenile diversion program, Trial By Peers (TBP). This spring and summer, the TBP program will be busy with cases to process and students to train. They need more volunteers to help out ASAP. Learn more about this opportunity for Nevada lawyers to provide a role model for local students and to make a difference in our community.

Based on the Youth Court concept, TBP is operated in cooperation with the Department of Juvenile Justice Services. This program allows first time juvenile offenders charged with misdemeanors to be tried, defended, and sentenced by their peers (teens approximately their own age). Participating adults in the proceedings are the judge and the senior attorneys.

Senior attorneys are involved, work closely with the student/ peer counselors giving them guidance throughout each case while ensuring a competent hearing and understanding of the justice process. Be a senior attorney and count the time as pro bono publico service (pursuant to NRPC 6.1)!

Learn more about the duties, responsibilities, and time commitment to be a senior attorney from the Senior Attorney Info Form (PDF file to download). Learn more about the program from the CCLF’s website at

For more information and to volunteer, please contact Cari Dahl at or call her at (702) 333-8277.