Mentor Program

NEW ATTORNEY MENTORING PROGRAM: In the practice of law, new attorneys are often faced with questions and challenges they are uncomfortable sharing with their new supervisors. Questions about how to build a career, potential changes in career choices, conflict resolution with colleagues or supervisors, the application of the law in certain instances and general legal knowledge often go unasked for fear that they may put a new lawyer’s career in jeopardy. Currently, in the Las Vegas legal community, many new lawyers do not have a forum to voice concerns, ask questions and seek advice. It is the intention of the CCBA New Lawyers Committee, with the assistance of seasoned attorneys, to provide new lawyers with the opportunity to develop their legal skills and ensure that new practitioners are provided the guidance necessary to thrive and become positive additions to our tight-knit legal community.

All that is asked of mentors is to be available to answer a call or email from a colleague seeking advice or a little guidance.

The program is available to new attorneys with less than five years experience practicing law and potential mentors with at least five years experience in the legal field.

The Mentoring Program committee will match new lawyers with a mentor in the area of their practice, whenever possible, with the goal of providing a confidential yet reliable source to ask questions about all aspects of their legal career.

To participate in the program, you must review the handbook below and sign the Disclaimer and Release form on the last page. Return that, along with the appropriate mentor/mentee registration form to CCBA.

New Attorney Registration Form
Experienced Attorney Registration Form
Mentor Program Handbook

For more information, contact CCBA staff liaison Donna Wiessner  at (702) 387-6011 or email Kimberly McGhee or Lauren Calvert.