The Clark County Bar Association (CCBA) is a 501(c)(6), non-profit, voluntary member organization based in Las Vegas, Nevada that includes members throughout the county, state and nation. The purpose of CCBA is to provide meaningful services to members, opportunities for collegiality and social interaction, perform outreach services to the community at large, and to promote professionalism. Membership categories include attorneys, judges, legal assistants, legal secretaries, law students and merchants. CCBA is a great resource for businesses looking to market to the southern Nevada legal community. As the local bar, CCBA is the social networking hub for attorneys, judges, legal administrators and secretaries. CCBA hosts luncheons, meetings and mixers. The bar also publishes an award-winning print magazine, COMMUNIQUÉ, an informative e-mail “Clark County Bar News,” and this website.

CCBA Member Directory is a searchable database of all of the members of the Clark County Bar Association. Search for attorney members via name, law school, over 60 areas of practice, or other criteria.
E-Newsletters and Court News: CCBA publishes a weekly e-mail, “Clark County Bar News” and various alerts about changes in court procedure and other practical legal information. Have you stopped receiving e-mails? Click here to sign-up.
FAQ Page: Find answers to frequently asked questions regarding CCBA and our Web site.
Resources for Work Life Balance is a page on this website that includes a list of local and national resources for attorneys who are seeking help with stress or anxiety.

Clark County Law Foundation (CCLF): CCLF is a private, non-profit charity organization located in Las Vegas, Nevada. They operate the juvenile diversion program, Trial By Peers® and promote community service projects. Learn about their programs at or call CCLF at 702-333-8277.

Trial By Peers (TBP): TBP is an innovative juvenile court diversion program used for first time and some second time juvenile offenders. Juveniles charged with misdemeanors are tried, represented, and sentenced by their peers; other teens. TBP, of the Clark County Law Foundation works in cooperation with the Clark County Bar Association and the Department of Family and Youth Services and is based on the Youth Court concept. Learn about this life changing program and how you may participate at

Pro Bono Opportunities: Find lists of organizations or programs that a Nevada attorney may consider in their efforts to fulfill their goal to provide pro bono service to the public.

Specialty Bars and Legal Associations: Find contact information and links to many of the specialty bars and legal associations in Nevada.

Public Legal Resources: A list of some of the available legal services and resources in the Las Vegas community.