Nevada Supreme Court to Create Statewide Commission to Study Creation and Administration of Guardianships

On June 8, 2015, an order was filed at the Supreme Court of Nevada in the matter of the creation of a commission to study the creation and administration of guardianships. See ADKT 0507. The order comes in response to a petition filed on May 21, 2015 by Supreme Court of Nevada Chief Justice James Hardesty, Eighth Judicial District Court Chief Judge David Barker and Second Judicial District Court Judge David Hardy. Id. The petition outlined concerns for the administration of guardianships in Nevada per statute. See  NRS 159.

Per the order, Chief Justice James W. Hardesty will appoint and chair a commission of no more than 20 members who, per the petition, will include stakeholders in the public and private guardianship system.

The commission is expected “to study and make appropriate recommendations for statewide  policies and procedures concerning the creation and administration of guardianships, including, but not  limited to, the procedures used to provide notice and the evidence required to create guardianships, the training and appointment of guardians, the protections needed for wards and their family members, the accountability and performance required of guardians and expected of courts, the use of technology to assist in documenting, tracking and monitoring guardianships, and the identification of resources necessary to assist the court system to meet required objectives.”

The commission is expected to file a report with the Supreme Court of Nevada with its findings and recommendations by December 31, 2015.

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For more information about the commission, contact Michael Sommermeyer at the Office of Public Information for the Administrative Office of the Courts at the Supreme Court of Nevada. Phone: (702) 486-3232.