March 2017 issue of COMMUNIQUÉ Published

We are pleased to announce the March 2017 issue of our journal COMMUNIQUÉ has been published.

Click to download a PDF file of the full March 2017 issue. (PDF @ 4 MB)

This issue focuses on matters related to the topic of business litigation. The following articles were written by attorneys for attorneys:

Also included in the printed magazine are practical features for Nevada attorneys including news from the courts and the legal community.

Readers can also enjoy  “The March of Time” by Tami D. Cowden, Esq. where she considers views on traditions, history, and change during this interesting time of our lives. After March, this particular message from the president will be available in the print or PDF copies of the March 2017 publication. The president’s page is updated with each issue of COMMUNIQUÉ.

The next issue of COMMUNIQUÉ will be released in April 2017 and include short articles focused on concerns related to diversity.

The printed issue of  COMMUNIQUÉ is mailed to members of the Clark County Bar Association. For more information about our publication and services, contact the CCBA staff at 702-387-6011.