LVJC Court Order in re Unlawful Detainer Cases, Summary Eviction

On March 24, 2020, Nevada Supreme Court Chief Justice and Las Vegas Justice Court Chief Judge Suzan Baucum signed an order in the administrative matter regarding unlawful detainer cases, including the supplemental remedy of summary eviction. The order cites to the COVID-I9 virus and concerns it presents to public health. See LVJC-Admin-Order-20-06 (PDF file to download).

In Administrative Order 20-06, the court states:


Forcible entry and forcible detainer actions, as defined by NRS 40.230 and 40.240, and the procedures set forth in NRS 40.412-40.416, are not covered by Amended Administrative Order #20-03 as that order is limited to eviction and unlawful detainer proceedings under NRS Chapter 40.

In addition, any landlord, real property owner, or property manager may, by written ex parte motion electronically filed with the Court, seek leave of Court for exemption from Amended Administrative Order #20-03. Exemptions will only be granted when the asserted basis for the unlawful detainer action constitutes a danger to the community or is otherwise an emergency. This provision specifically excludes no­cause notices under NRS 40.251 and non-payment of rent notices under NRS 40.2512 and NRS 118B.190(1)(c) which will not be considered for exemption.

The following motions and actions related to unlawful detainer actions are deemed essential:

a. Motions to Retrieve Essential Items
b. Motions to Contest Personal Property Liens
c. Complaints for Expedited Relief for Illegal Lockout or Termination of Essential Services

Assistance is offered as follows:

a. Legal Aid of Southern Nevada at (702) 386-0404 or
b. Civil Law Self Help Center at (702) 671-3976 or
c. Nevada Legal Services at (702) 386-0404.

Source: Grissell Hernandez, Las Vegas Justice Court