Letter from the President

Originally published in the June/July 2019 issue of COMMUNIQUÉ, the official publication of the Clark County Bar Association:

Practicing Family Law Can Be Fun

By Jason P. Stoffel

Jason P. Stoffel is one of the founding members of Roberts Stoffel Family Law Group that was formed in 2010. Jason has 15 years of experience with a practice focused exclusively on family law matters. Jason is president of the CCBA through December of 2019.

The family law issue of the COMMUNIQUÉ is always my favorite one since this is my exclusive area of practice.

The family law practice has changed in my 15 years of practice, as the net is wider than ever before as to issues that a family law practitioner faces. Those issues include dissolutions of domestic partnerships, as well as same sex marriages. There are more issues, such as third-party practice due to another person having an interest in the marital residence, cyber-stalking, social media as evidence, doggie visitation, etc. I find the family law practice a rewarding and challenging one at the same time, with many more good days than bad at my office.

Family law really is the practice of law, but this area can be fun. We really do learn from our clients. I could write a book on how sometimes the client is their own worst enemy by some of their social media posts. Posting online in the middle of the night after a cocktail or two how you really feel about your ex or the judge is seldom an effective solution to anything. One could face jail time in certain situations, such as if there is a behavior order in place and there are blatant written violations of the court order. By posting negative comments, it shows the conflict that someone may be causing in a custody case, and this can be used against the client at trial. Also, flashing cash or showing an expensive new purchase and posting a picture is likewise damaging to the case if one is behind in support payments and basically pleading poverty.

We are constantly learning new things, and there are emerging trends in our area of practice. I try to do double or triple the continuing legal education requirement every year. Not only does that earn credibility in the area of practice, but don’t we want to be the best advocate we can for our clients? I think so. This is why I have gone to the wonderful State Bar of Nevada Family Law Conference every year since 2005.
In closing, I hope everyone has a wonderful summer and can take some well needed time off to spend with friends and family. You work hard. Hire and maintain excellent staff since we all deserve a vacation.

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