Letter from the President

Will you be someone’s superhero?

By Jason P. Stoffel

Jason P. Stoffel, Esq.

By the time this article goes to print, Halloween will already be behind us. While I enjoy handing out candy to all of the dressed up little ones in ghost, goblins, and superhero costumes, this time of year also reminds me of what we as attorneys mean to many of our clients.

Even though it is a very outdated reference, do we ever feel sometimes that we need to find a telephone booth and go in there and come out as Superman ready to conquer the world? Granted, the last time I actually saw a phone booth was in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan a few years ago, it’s still a helpful reference for making my point. When we get dressed in the morning, aren’t we putting on our superhero suit ready to make a difference in people’s lives?

What I have come to realize, and especially this year, is the number of people who attorneys help. For example, I recently had a call from someone contemplating divorce. He called me from a hospital after a suicide attempt. Apparently, he thought there was no way out and, after his wife transferred most of the money out of a joint account to her account in anticipation of litigation, the stress of the impending divorce was what set him over the edge. He is getting the emotional help he needs right now, but he also needed help with divorce litigation.

After talking to him about the divorce process and discussing the possible remedies and what I can do for him as an attorney, I was officially on board with the case. With only a $350 retainer, I promptly drafted the initial documents. I had never met this guy, but when he dropped off financial documents to my office and thanked me, I felt that I genuinely helped someone who needed it because of his struggles. Why in the world would I take a case when he had about $350 to his name other than Social Security and a small retirement account? Will I get paid with other assets from the case when this case is adjudicated? Yes. Did I think twice helping a person in dire need of help with very little money down? No. I guess I was raised right to always try and do the right thing.

In conclusion, as we enter the holiday season, do take a moment to go the extra mile to be the best advocate we can for our clients. Be thankful you have clients, but do not forget that they are thankful to have you in their corner. Be their Superman.

Jason P. Stoffel, Esq. is one of the founding members of Roberts Stoffel Family Law Group that was formed in 2010. Mr. Stoffel has 15 years of experience, with a practice focused exclusively on family law matters. Mr. Stoffel is President of the CCBA through December of 2019.

“Get Involved with the CCBA” by Jason Stoffel was originally published in the October 2019 issue of Communiqué, the official publication of the Clark County Bar Association.

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