Letter from the President

Originally published in the printed bar journal, Communiqué (January 2017).

Living in Interesting Times

Tami D. Cowden is Of Counsel with Greenberg Traurig LLP. Tami has more than 20 years’ experience as an appellate attorney with a focus on representations in the Supreme Court of Nevada and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Tami serves as President of the CCBA through December 2017. Contact her at cowdent@gtlaw.com.

There is a bit of pressure in writing your first president’s page for the Communiqué. It is not like Facebook, where I can just share some insightful article along with my own brilliant comment, i.e., “What she said!” I am expected to actually come up with something thought provoking, or inspiring, or at least informational, all by myself.


Of course, the first part is easy. Many thanks to outgoing CCBA President, Catherine M. Mazzeo, who led us through a banner year. And many thanks, both in their past work and for the work they will do in 2017, to CCBA’s Operations Manager, Donna Wiessner, and Communications Coordinator, Stephanie Abbott. This place would fall apart without them!

And with that simple and obvious task complete, it is back to the drawing board for me. I could, of course, say something scathing, or pithy, or at least witty about the election. But anything like that would be bound to annoy some portion of the membership, which would be bad form for my first message. So I won’t go there. I am reminded, however, of the apocryphal Chinese curse, “may you live in interesting times.” It seems pretty safe to say that 2017 will be “interesting.”
Whether you were thrilled or appalled at the election outcome, my guess is everyone will welcome periodic distraction from the coming interesting times. So I suggest that you all take the many opportunities CCBA offers to get to know your fellow Clark County attorneys.

Foremost among these is the chance to join a committee. We have openings on all of them: Publications, CLE, Community Service, New Lawyers, and Social Events. See page 10 to see when each meets.
While all of our committees are worthwhile, I would like to encourage members to sign up for committee I happen to be chair—the Social Committee. This committee’s mission is to plan social events and activities, big and small, for members. I personally happen to be an introverted, unathletic, nondrinker whose idea of a great night out is a visit to a bookstore. I describe myself so as to point out the rather obvious risk of leaving that committee in my hands. Please step up with your ideas and participation. I would love for CCBA to be planning family outings, Friday afternoon clubs, sporting events, and all those other things that less introverted people manage to organize.

Of course, CCBA has its usual strong list of events coming up this year, including fabulous luncheon speakers (pick up an ethics credit this month, see page 10); the 40 Year Club celebration; Meet the Judges; and, of course, a host of fabulous CLE programs. Every one of those events will be even better than “interesting.”

Oh, and Happy New Year!