Letter from the President

Originally published in the March 2019 issue of COMMUNIQUÉ, the official publication of the Clark County Bar Association:

It’s 2019: Work Hard and Play Hard

By Jason P. Stoffel

Jason P. Stoffel is one of the founding members of Roberts Stoffel Family Law Group that was formed in 2010. Jason has 15 years of experience with a practice focused exclusively on family law matters. Jason is president of the CCBA through December of 2019.

Each year, I try to plan a vacation or two well in advance. This year, I am going on two cruises. The first cruise is a two-week sea/land trip to Alaska this summer. The second cruise I am going on is the CLE at Sea going to Canada from San Francisco this October. Limited seats are still available for the CLE at Sea that is geared this time to the family law practitioner. For more information about the CLE at Sea event, visit https://www.clarkcountybar.org/marketplace/live-cle-seminars/.

Why I bring this up is attorneys work very hard at what they do. They have a passion in their profession. While being my own boss I don’t have a billable-hour requirement, what I do know is the “work hard – play hard” motto I live by. If you have good staff (and I know I do), getting out for a week here and there (or longer if I am lucky) is something that can and should be done. It gives us something to look forward to throughout our busy days. Being able to de-stress will make me a more effective advocate for my clients. By looking forward to the vacation or two I take each year, it makes the work we do that much more rewarding.

I was recently at the 2019 Midyear Meeting of the National Conference of Bar Presidents (NCBP) that was held here in Las Vegas. There were some good takeaways from this conference, including as Clark County Bar President, be as healthy as you can to be a happy and effective leader. Find a way to achieve work/life balance. The statistics are alarmingly high for our profession of depression, substance abuse, addiction, and suicide.

There is information available and the Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers Program at the Nevada State Bar does a great job providing resources and counseling opportunities to those that need services. We all know a friend or colleague that has gone through some tough times or have work stress. Do not ignore those that we care about. Be a friend. Be a mentor. Be a good listener. We have two ears and one mouth so as the story goes from my childhood, listen twice as much as we speak.

At the NCBP conference, achieving balance in one’s life was stressed in great detail. Join a committee. Get a new hobby. Read a book. See a movie. Go for a walk. Go to the gym. See a local sporting event (GO KNIGHTS GO!). Volunteer your time for a charity. Take a pro bono case. Spend more time with your family. This list can go on and on to achieve some balance in our lives. We all have the same hours, the same minutes, and the same seconds. What is important is what we do with the one thing we can never get back, which is time.

When this edition goes to the press, think about planning your next vacation to recharge. A little rest and relaxation as summer approaches is probably long overdue. Remember, you earned it!

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