Letter from the President

Originally published in the printed bar journal, Communiqué (March 2018).

Considering Legal Issues Faced by Seniors

John P. Aldrich is the founding partner of Aldrich Law Firm, Ltd. John has 18 years’ experience as a litigation attorney with a focus in business litigation, personal injury, and appellate matters. John is licensed to practice in the states of Nevada, Utah, and Idaho. John serves as President of the CCBA through December 2018. Contact John: Prez@clarkcountybar.org.

By John P. Aldrich, Esq.


This month’s issue focuses on Elder Law. As Baby Boomers mature, the number of people over 60 is increasing dramatically. An aging population brings a unique set of challenges. Some of those approaching retirement spent the last decade working through the worst recession in their lifetime, and in many instances, those seniors lost their life savings or saw their life savings greatly diminished. Seniors face issues related to housing, health care, estate planning and protective arrangements (powers of attorney or guardianship), limited income and Social Security concerns, and veterans’ benefits. Still others face employment concerns, age discrimination, and consumer protection issues (such as scams that deplete their retirement income).

Elder Law is a growing area of the law and one that is essential to the public at large. All of us have parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles or other close friends, and clients for whom legal assistance in these areas will be critical. Many of these loved ones will need representation at reduced rates, or even pro bono. All of us who practice the law should be aware of these issues so we can properly advise our elderly clients, or at least know to whom we can send them for help.
The Southern Nevada Senior Law Program serves seniors in Clark County, Nevada. It provides services to seniors in areas of: estate planning, long term health care, probate, consumer, small claims, debt collection, name changes, elder abuse, grandparents’ rights, HOA, Social Security, Medicaid, food stamps, and veteran’s issues. The Senior Law Program provides an essential service to seniors in Clark County.

Take the time to read the articles in this issue. They highlight the issues seniors face and they will help you prepare to assist seniors who come to you for help. After all, it is only a matter of time until we will all be facing these issues.

Good Lawyers Doing Good

Elana Graham of the Southern Nevada Senior Law Program

It is my pleasure to highlight Past CCBA President Elana Graham (2006) in this segment this month. Elana spent more than 30 years in the Clark County District Attorney’s Office and was the Chief Deputy in Family Support for many years. Besides serving on the CLE Committee and Executive Board of the CCBA, Elana has served on the State Bar Board of Governors and was President of the following organizations: State Bar of Nevada, Southern Nevada Association of Women Attorneys, Girl Scouts of Frontier Council, Western States Interstate Child Support Enforcement Council, and Episcopal Church Women. For the past eight years, Elana has dedicated her time to assisting senior citizens through the Southern Nevada Senior Law Program. As with all who know Elana, I am pleased to call her my friend.

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