Las Vegas Justice Court Motions Update, Setting Slip Form

On May 30, 2017, Las Vegas Justice Court Presiding Criminal Judge Diana Sullivan released a letter to members of the bar and legal community. The letter addresses the use of motions filed at Las Vegas Justice Court and includes the “Setting Slip” form sample for practitioners to use. The form can be downloaded (see page 3 of PDF):  LVJC-Motions-Letter-to-Bar

Below is the relevant text from the letter:

Criminal Justice Partners:

As mentioned in our last Criminal Bench/Bar meeting in April and also in May’s Communiqué article, as of June 1, 2017 the Las Vegas Justice Court will no longer accept motions entitled “Motion to Place on Calendar” or “Notice to Place on Calendar.” All motions filed with LVJC must contain in the title of the motion the relief sought from the Court. Examples of appropriate motions are: Motion to Quash Bench Warrant; Motion to Withdraw; Motion to Continue Trial (or Preliminary Hearing); etc.  As of June 1st if a party presents a document for filing entitled “Motion to Place on Calendar” or “Notice to Place on Calendar,” the staff will return it to the presenter unfiled.

Additionally, in order to streamline placing matters on calendar that are regularly unopposed or that need no judicial decision at all, the LVJC is also implementing the use of a Setting Slip as of June 1st. The form Setting Slip is attached and may be used by any party to place a matter on calendar for any of the six (6) reasons outlined therein.  Thus, if a party wants to place a matter on calendar for one of the 6 reasons outlined in the attached Setting Slip, they may file a Setting Slip in lieu of a formal motion.  The party must complete all of the information in the Setting Slip before filing it, with the exception of the Hearing Date/Time -that will be scheduled when the Setting Slip is filed.   The form Setting Slip can be found in the Odyssey case management system, and will also be available for users on the LVJC website under the “Forms” tab.

If the reason to place a matter on calendar is not one of the 6 reasons enumerated in the Setting Slip, a motion must be filed that must generally articulate in its title the relief sought from the Court.

Thank you for your patience and anticipated cooperation as we make this modification to our processes. There may be further modifications to this procedure at a later time if we deem necessary. If I can answer any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at (702) 671-0842.