June-July 2017 issue of COMMUNIQUÉ Published

Click to download the 48-page (5 MB) PDF file of COMMUNIQUÉ (June-July 2017 issue).

We are pleased to announce the release of our family law issue of Communiqué (June/July 2017), the official publication of the Clark County Bar Association. Find content focused on the practice of family law matters in this 48 page double-issue. Readers can enjoy these articles (written by attorneys for attorneys) now posted on our website:

Additionally, CCBA President Tami D. Cowden takes a look at the impact of technology on the law in her message, You will be assimilated.

Included in the printed magazine are practical features and highlights for Nevada attorneys including:

    • Smooth Transition to New Local Rules for Family Court By Chief Judge Elizabeth Gonzalez
    • Nevada Appellate Court Summaries By Joe Tommasino, Esq.
    • Memories of CCBA Past President (’86) Mitch Cobeaga by Sal Gugino, Esq.
    • Senior Attorneys Sought for Peer Counselors of Trial By Peers Program
    • Liberty Bell Awards 2017 by W. West Allen, Esq.
    • Books Behind Bars Program
    • Clark County Bar’s Active Members This Spring
    • Sidebar: Bishop Family Law Conference
    • 27th Annual Meet Your Judges Mixer
    • 2017 Doctors v. Lawyers Showdown

The full issue of Communiqué will be printed and mailed to members of the Clark County Bar Association. As Communiqué is not published in July, the next issue will be released in August 2017. For more information about our publication, contact the CCBA at 702-387-6011.