Judicial Candidate 2020: Mickey Bohn

Mickey Bohn

About the candidate:

My name is Mickey Bohn and I’m running for District Court Department 24.

My family moved from New York to Las Vegas 50 years ago in 1970. A few years later, my family moved to Los Angeles where I finished high school, attended college and graduated law school.

I moved back to Las Vegas in January, 1984. Not long after returning to Las Vegas, I was offered a position as law clerk for Judge Miriam Shearing. It was there that I learned how important the job of judge was. I also learned the tremendous responsibilities and burdens of being a judge. This all was never more clear than when Judge Shearing presided over a death penalty murder case. The jury found the defendant guilty and imposed death penalty, and Judge Shearing had to impose the sentence of death.

It was while I was working for Judge Shearing that realized that the job of district court judge was a job that I could do, and that I wanted to do, but only after I had enough experience to do the job correctly. Now I have that experience.

I’ve practiced law for 36 years, and I’ve had my own firm for 23 years. I have largely represented individuals. I have never represented banks, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies or casinos.

I easily have 10,000 hours of court time, practicing before over 100 judges. I’ve been involved as counsel of record in over 100 trials. I’ve handled over 300 appeals to both the Nevada Supreme Court and the Ninth Circuit Court of appeals. I am attorney of record on 16 reported decisions from the Nevada Supreme Court. I’ve also been an arbitrator through the Court Annexed Arbitration Program for 25 years.

This experience makes me the most qualified candidate for District Court Department 24.

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