Electronically Filing of Orders, Default Judgments at LVJC

On July 2, 2018, the administrator for the Civil Division at the Las Vegas Justice Court, Grissell Hernandez, distributed a tips sheet in regards to filing of orders and default judgements electronically using Odyssey File and Serve. See PDF file available to download: LVJC-E-Filing-Orders-Default-Judgments

This five-page document includes screen captures to visually demonstrate the website user’s experience and includes tips on how to add a firm service contact and to start a filing on the user’s dashboard in an existing case in the local court.

Questions about the tips sheet may be directed to Mairead Napolitano Department 4 Courtroom Clerk at (702) 671-3247; however, as of July 10, 2018, contact the respective judicial department’s courtroom clerk.