EJDC Order Formalizes Practice to Accept Bonds, Bails Regardless of Immigration Status

On June 19, 2018, Eighth Judicial District Court Chief Judge Linda Marie Bell entered an order in the administrative matter of the status of persons with immigration holds. See Administrative Order 18-11 (AO 18-11). In AO 18-11, the court orders Clark County court clerks to continue to accept posting of bail bonds and cash bail without regard for a person’s U.S. immigration status.

This order formalizes a procedure in practice since at least August 26, 2014, when then “Criminal Presiding Judge Douglas Herndon sent a directive to all Eighth Judicial District Court Clerks instructing them to discontinue the practice of reviewing a persons’ immigration status prior to accepting bail (EXHIBIT 2).” Also, AO 18-11 formally vacates the September 6, 2001, administrative order entered by former Criminal Presiding Judge Stewart L. Bell in Case Number A439564 (EXHIBIT 1).

For more information about AO 18-11, read the order Administrative-Order-18-11-with-Exhibits available as PDF download from the CCBA’s website. For more updates to court rules and administrative orders from the Eighth Judicial District Court, visit the court’s website at http://www.clarkcountycourts.us/general/court-rules-and-administrative-orders/.