(2018) Tax & Estate Considerations in Personal Injury Settlements

CLE Credits: 1.5 General CLE credits for Nevada lawyers

Course Description: Nevada lawyers Steven E. Hollingworth and Jeffrey P. Luszeck present info relevant to general tax considerations for personal injury settlements and non-tax considerations for wrongful death lawsuits/settlements.

Recorded: Friday, March 2, 2018


  1. General Tax Considerations for Personal Injury Settlements

    A. The Effect of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 on Judgments and Settlements;

    B. Tax Treatment for Proceeds of Personal Injury Settlements

    C. Importance of Settlement Allocations D. Structured Settlements and Attorney’s Fees

  2. Non-Tax Considerations for Wrongful Death Lawsuits/Settlements

    A. The Need for a Personal Representative (Notice of Death)

    B. Establishing the Proper Type of Estate Proceeding

    C. Additional Estate Proceeding Considerations Pending W.D. Lawsuit (e.g. notice to creditors)

    D. Wrongful Death Statute Allocation of Proceeds Between Estate and Heirs

    E. Probate Administration Upon Settlement (Probate Court Approval; Close Out of Estate)

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