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June-July 2018

Enjoy the “Experts & Witnesses” issue of COMMUNIQUÉ, the official publication of the Clark County Bar Association today. Read featured content from our June/July issue online now: “Designating Your Employee as a Non-Retained Expert – Are You Waiving the Attorney-Client Privilege?” By John M. Naylor, Esq. —Special CLE Credit Offer** “Local Rules – Read Them […]

May 2018

Read the “Hospitality Law” issue of COMMUNIQUÉ (May 2018), the official publication of the Clark County Bar Association online today. This issue features content written by members of Nevada’s legal community, including the following articles: “Regulation of Trade Practices in the Promotion of Alcohol by Bars and Restaurants” By Paul Larsen, Esq. “The Marijuana Conundrum […]

February 2018

Read the main articles from our “Civil Practice Update” issue of COMMUNIQUÉ (February 2018) listed here: “ADKT 0522: Upcoming Amendments to the Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure” By Kristen Martini, Esq. “Proposed Amendments to Federal Rule of Evidence 807 – What’s Your Take?” By Lindsay Demaree, Esq. “The Eighth Judicial District Court Rules Have Changed; […]

January 2018

COMMUNIQUÉ is designed to keep the southern Nevada legal community informed with practical legal articles; procedural information from local, state, and federal courts; and updates about bar events and services.

December 2017

Find content from our “Ethics” issue of Communiqué (December 2017) featuring select articles to read online now: “What are “Reasonable Attorney’s Fees” According to the State and Federal Courts in Nevada?” By John M. Naylor, Esq. “The Age of Internet Defense – ABA Formal Opinion 477R and Its Applicability to Nevada Legal Practice” By Ryan […]

November 2017

Read the main articles from the “Legal History” issue of Communiqué (November 2017): History of Gambling in Nevada” By Jennifer Roberts, Esq. and Abigayle Farris, Esq. “Considering the Influence of Corporate Law on the United States of America” By Gerard Dondero, Esq. “Meeting Growing Demands of Jury Service” By Mariah Witt Also, the printed magazine […]

October 2017

Read the main articles from the “Health Care Law” issue of COMMUNIQUÉ (October 2017): The Nevada Medicaid Fraud Control Unit Works to Recover Medicaid Funding From Fraudulent Providers” By Andrew Schulke, Esq. and Connie Akridge, Esq. “Mass Tort Litigation: A Necessary Deterrent to Profits Over Safety?” By Peter C. Wetherall, Esq. “Nevada’s Corporate Practice of Medicine […]