November 2015

Articles from the “Law Practice Management” from the printed journal, Communiqué (November 2015) : “Some Things That Can Hurt You if You Do Not Pay Attention” By Dennis L. Kennedy, Esq. “What If? Practice Succession for the Disabled or Deceased Attorney” By S. Craig Stone II, Esq. “Work-Life Balance is Not About Balance” By Jacquelyn M. Franco, Esq. […]

October 2015

Articles from the “Social Media” and more “Legislative Wrap-Up” articles from the printed journal, Communiqué (October 2015) : “Ten Years of Facebook: Taking Stock of Social Media’s Impact on the Workplace” by Laura J. Thalacker, Esq. “Immunity and the Rise of Social Media” by Gregory R. Gemignani, Esq. “Four Questions to Answer Before Becoming a Blogger” by Michael P. […]

September 2015

Articles from the “Legislative Wrap-up” issue of Communiqué (September 2015), the publication of the Clark County Bar Association: COMMUNIQUE-Sept-2015-web “The Uber Bumpy Ride to Catch a Lyft” by Aviva Y. Gordon, Esq. “SB 306: Recent Changes to Homeowners’ Association Foreclosures” by Lindsay Demaree, Esq. “SB 484 – Changes to Probate and Trust Law” by Alan D. Freer, Esq. and […]

August 2015

Articles from the International Law issue of Communiqué (August 2015), the publication of the Clark County Bar Association: “Judicial Independence and The Rule of Law at Home and Abroad” by Hon. Philip M. Pro (Ret.) “Financial Regulatory Systems in the EU and Effects on Doing Business” by Senad Hrustanovic and Paul C. Ray, Esq. “A Global Overview […]

June-July 2015

Articles from the CCBA’s publication, Communiqué (June/July 2015): “Recent Changes in Child Custody Law: Dimming the Bright Line Rule for “Physical Custody” Designations in Nevada” By Jack W. Fleeman, Esq. “Custody Matters Pertaining to Unmarried Parents” By Erin Houston, Esq. “Court Orders and the Recovery of Parent-Abducted Children” By By Victor-Hugo Schulze, II, Senior Deputy Attorney General, […]

May 2015

Articles from the CCBA’s publication, Communiqué (May 2015): “Is It Good to Go Green? Pitfalls of Physician Investment and Ownership of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries” By Alia A. Najjar, M.D., Esq. “Medical Marijuana: Is Your Health Information Privacy Going to Pot?” By John Henry Wright, Esq. © 2015 The following articles were originally published in COMMUNIQUÉ, the official […]

April 2015

  Main articles (from the full issue): “Impress (or Lose) Friends with this E-Service Trivia” By Tamara Beatty Peterson, Esq. and Benjamin K. Reitz, Esq. “Low Property Damage Can Still Cause Significant Bodily Injury” By Lawrence C. Hill, Esq. and Sean P. O’Callaghan “Nevada’s New “Goldilocks” Asbestos Causation Standard” By Matthew Park, Esq. and Brian Blakley, […]

March 2015

Just a few of the articles (from the full issue): “Potential Tax Consequences of Short Sales After the Expiration of the Mortgage Debt Relief Act May be Eliminated by Filing Bankruptcy” by Nedda Ghandi, Esq. “The Dirty Little Secret About Student Loan Debt in Bankruptcy” by Brian D. Shapiro, Esq. “Marijuana Dispensaries in Reorganization: A Little […]

February 2015

  Main Articles: “Trial By Peers: A Unique Court Experience” by Doreen Spears Hartwell, Esq. “How to Work for Free and Get Paid in Gratitude – Five Tips to Integrate Pro Bono as Part of Your Practice” by Mark J. Connot, Esq. “Pro Bono Opportunities for Transactional Attorneys” by Gian (“John”) Brown, Esq. “My “Non-Traditional” […]

January 2015

Main Articles: “Five Things Attorneys Should Know About Employment Discrimination under Title VI” by Howard Cole, Esq. “Five Things Attorneys Should Know About Discovery in Family Law Cases” by Jack W. Fleeman, Esq. “Five Things Attorneys Should Know About Attorney Sessions in Las Vegas Justice Court” by Erin Houston, Esq. “Five Things Attorneys Should Know […]