Clark County Court Orders Changes in Procedure in re: Chapter 33 Cases

On August 1, 2019, the Eighth Judicial District Court filed an order in the administrative matter of procedures related to order for protection against domestic violence. See Administrative Order 19-4 (AO 19-14) available as PDF file to download at

The order addresses changes to the administration of cases filed pursuant to Chapter 33 of the Nevada Revised Statutes which seek the issuance for orders for protection against domestic violence.

AO 19-14 includes orders to the Clerk’s Office to make a designation between “arrest-based” and “regular” applications for protection orders and whether the applicant has requested an extension of the temporary order.

AO 19-14 addresses changes in the administration of Chapter 33 cases, including:

  • Case assignments (judicial and hearing master);
  • Contact preference sheet;
  • Service of documents;
  • Motion practice;
  • Suspension of notice requirements in EDCR 5.502(a) as it applies to any motion filed in a Chapter 33 cases;
  • Ex parte motions to reinstate and extend;
  • Registration of foreign protective orders; and
  • Notice of department reassignments.

Additionally, AO 19-14 includes a sample Confidential Contact Preference Sheet as prescribed by the Administrative Office of the Court. See Exhibit 1 of AO 19-14.