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The following content was written for publication in the CCBA’s print magazine, Communiqué (May 2020).

Learning to Pivot When Plans Go Awry

Mariteresa Rivera-Rogers

By Mariteresa Rivera-Rogers

Who knew? Our publication was scheduled long ago for this month to deal with the subject matter of Sports and Entertainment Law. And instead, Sports and Entertainment have been shut down due to concerns for public health in light of the dangers or contagion from the coronavirus/COVID-19, and the emergency directives from Nevada Governor Sisolak. We are to stay home, keep social distancing, no sports are being played, and all casinos and other local entertainment venues deemed non-essential were closed. Lawyers are considered essential but need to adapt, whether it is by working from home, observing all directives in place, and/or dealing with the stress and difficulty that these constraints represent for our profession.

There is no need to reiterate here any of what you all have been hearing from the news channels and widely broadcasted press conferences. We at CCBA are appreciative of our members and will endeavor to provide them with pertinent information related to our local courts and how the business of the law is being conducted under these unprecedented circumstances. Also you will find links and information on how to deal with the stress and how to remain healthy not only physically but mentally. Our website contains a wealth of current information. See

Special thanks to Jacquelyn Franco, Alia Najjar, Jennifer Gaynor, and all the other CCBA members who helped to produce this issue of Communiqué. It is amazing how quickly the editors pivoted to create content in this issue to better reflect the current state of affairs. Read this issue for content that reflects concerns related to the early days of the shutdown period. It provides information and resources to bar members for the future.

CCBA staff is working from home, our doors are closed to the public, and only phone and email contact with our members are the norm at this time. Our meetings are on Zoom, recorded CLE’s can be checked out from our library [see pp 27-30], or new offerings will be scheduled following the recommendations in place. Donna and Stephanie’s dedication is worthy of a great thanks from all of us, as we could not do it without them.

Let’s all keep doing our part so we can get out of home confinement for good. Although things may not be the same as before for a while, our strength as a group and the support of each other during these difficult times, will give us hope for a needed recovery.

Mariteresa Rivera-Rogers is an associate at the Las Vegas criminal defense firm Wright Marsh & Levy. Her areas of practice include criminal law and juvenile law. She is fluent in Spanish, and both the federal and state courts recognize her as a certified court interpreter. Mariteresa is a committee member of the AOC Judicial Council of the State of Nevada Language Access, the Interpreter Certification Advisory Committee, and the Clark County Indigent Defense Selection and Appointment Committee. Her spirit of community and professional service has also led to involvement with the Latino Bar Association, Southern Nevada Association of Women Attorneys, Clark County Law Foundation, and Nevada Supreme Court Task Force on Racial and Economic Bias. Mariteresa serves as president of the Clark County Bar Association through December of 2020.

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