Capital Campaign Donors

Thanks to the generous contributions of the members of CCBA, CCLF was able to purchase the building, at 725 South Eighth Street. The purchase was made possible due to the generosity of a fellow attorney in town, Jim Rogers, of Sunbelt Communications. When he looked at the opportunity, and the impact it would have on the legal community, by providing a true all-purpose meeting facility for the members, he generously donated more than $250,000 for the purchase. Additionally, Allen Kaercher, of Kaercher Insurance donated the parking lot parcel adjacent to the building, making the purchase a truly wise investment for our members.

The monumental contributions of Jim Rogers and Allen Kaercher started a wave of generosity among our members which resulted in a successful capital campaign which allowed CCLF to retire the remaining mortgage balance on the property. The names of the capital campaign donors were placed on the CCLF Donor Wall, which resides in the lobby of the Clark County Bar Center. Below is a list of our donors.

Foundation Donors
Jim and Beverly Rogers $350,000.00
Allen and Lisa Kaercher $350,000.00
Office Dedications
Dominic P. Gentile $25,000.00
In Memory of Louis Weiner (Rogers)
Lionel, Sawyer & Collins
(Cam Ferenbach & Bob Buckalew)*
Perry Rogers (Rogers)
Sunbelt Communications (Rogers)
Gold Level
Bank of Nevada $13,515.00
Gryphon Valuation Consultants, Inc. $5,000.00
Hale Lane $2,500.00
Hon. Douglas W. Herndon $2,500.00
Irwin Union Bank $4,586.50
J. Forest Cahlan & John F. Cahlan $2,500.00
John P. & Dorothy P. Wanderer $2,500.00
Jones Vargas $2,500.00
Koeller, Nebeker, Carlson & Haluck, LLP $2,500.00
Kummer Kaempfer Bonner Renshaw & Ferrario $5,000.00
McDonald Carano Wilson LLP $2,500.00
Office Plus/Office Furniture U.S.A. $2,500.00
Snell & Wilmer L.L.P. $2,500.00
Wadhams & Akridge, P.C. $2,500.00
Wesley Robertson & Sandra Smagac Robertson $2,500.00
Silver Level
Advanced Imaging Solutions $1,000.00
Allf & Szostek (Nancy Allf)* $1,000.00
Backus-Carranza $1,000.00
Ben and Elana (Hatch)* Turner Graham $1,000.00
Bradley & Angie Kenny* $1,000.00
Bryan K. Scott* $1,000.00
Bucky and Gianna Buchanan $1,000.00
Cam Ferenbach & Mary Frances McCarthy* $1,000.00
Carol F. Chesnut, Esq. $1,000.00
Deanne M. Rymarowicz $1,000.00
Eric A. & Susan P. Mann $1,000.00
Gloria J. Sturman* $1,000.00
Goldsmith & Guymon (Dara Goldsmith)* $1,000.00
Gordon L. Hawkins* $1,000.00
Heidi and David Straus $1,000.00
Herbert M. & Jan L. Jones* $1,000.00
Hon. Bill Jansen* $1,000.00
Hon. Cheryl B. Moss $1,000.00
Hon. Elizabeth G. Gonzalez $1,000.00
Hon. George Assad $1,000.00
Hon. Jennifer Togliatti $1,000.00
Hon. Lloyd D. & LaPrele George $1,500.00
Hon. Michael Cherry $1,000.00
Hon. Michael L. Douglas $1,000.00
Hon. Nancy A. Becker $1,000.00
Hon. Nancy C. Oesterle* $1,000.00
Hon. Nancy M. Saitta $1,000.00
Hon. Natalie Tyrrell $1,000.00
Hon. Stephen J. Dahl $1,000.00
Hon. Stephen L. & Michelle George $1,000.00
Hon. Sylvia G. & Neil J. Beller* $1,000.00
Hon. Tony Abbatangelo $1,000.00
Hon. Toy R. Gregory $1,000.00
In Memory of Lillian M. Rymarowicz $1,000.00
In Memory of Doug Deaner (CCBA 1971-1990) $1,000.00
In Memory of Judge L.O. Hawkins $1,000.00
In Memory of Ralston O. Hawkins $1,000.00
Jeffrey W. Stempel & Ann C. McGinley $1,000.00
John & Constance L. Akridge* $1,000.00
John Delikanakis $1,000.00
John Mowbray* $1,000.00
John M. Sacco $1,000.00
Kamer, Zucker & Abbott, Attorneys at Law $1,000.00
Kari L. Oakes $1,000.00
Karl L. Nielson $1,000.00
Kathleen and Darwin Paustian $1,000.00
Kolesar & Leatham, Chtd. $1,000.00
Law Offices of Frances-Ann Fine $1,000.00
Lewis & Roca, LLP (Marti Ashcraft)* $1,000.00
Morris, Pickering & Sanner $1,000.00
Nancy Allf* and David Thomas $1,000.00
Nutile Law & Associates $1,000.00
O’Reilly Law Group $1,000.00
Puneet K. Garg, Esq. $1,000.00
Robertson, Vick & Martinez $1,000.00
Tim & Lisa Titolo $1,000.00
Weldon E. (Don) Havins M.D., Esq. $1,000.00
William Morse*  $1,000.00
William S. Skupa, Esq.* $1,000.00
Wright, Judd & Winckler $1,000.00
Gillock, Markley & Killebrew $1,000.00
Jenna F. Karadbil $1,000.00
Southwest Gas Corporation $1,000.00
Salvatore C. Gugino* $1,000.00
* CCBA Past President
 Bronze Level
Associated Reporters $500.00
Benson, Bertoldo, Baker & Carter $500.00
Cobeaga Tomlinson $250.00
Hon. Donald M. Mosley $500.00
Hon. James M. Bixler $250.00
Hon. Stewart L. Bell $500.00
John Naylor & Emilia Cargill $250.00
Hon. Mark Denton $500.00
Shelley Berkley $250.00
Law Offices of Janet Trost $250.00
The Galliher Law Firm $250.00
Copper Level
Barbara E. Buckley, Esq. $100.00
Frank J. Cremen $100.00
Hon. Gloria S. Sanchez $100.00
Pamela Newell $100.00
Sheri Cane Vogel $100.00
Stephen F. Smith $100.00
Stephen R. Schooley, Insurance Services $100.00
Desert Computers $20.00