Public Hearing Scheduled for July 1, 2015 by Nevada Supreme Court in Regards to Amendments to Court Rules Regarding Attorney Discipline

On April 28, 2015, the Supreme Court of Nevada filed an order setting a public hearing for July 1, 2015, at 1 p.m. to consider amendments to various attorney discipline rules discussed in ADKT 0505 and ADKT 0506. Links to the appropriate petitions and orders scheduling hearing accompany each of the following petition descriptions:

  • ADKT 0505
    The Supreme Court will consider ADKT petition 0505 from the State Bar of Nevada’s Board of Governors to amend Supreme Court Rule (SCR) 105, regarding attorney discipline. The petition seeks a change in the standard of review by the Supreme Court in attorney discipline cases upholding a discipline panel’s findings of fact unless they are clearly erroneous. The Supreme Court would continue to review de novo the conclusions of law and impose an appropriate sanction. The petition can be found online at the following link:
  • ADKT 0506
    This petition from the State Bar of Nevada’s Board of Governors arises out of a number of recommendations from the State Bar of Nevada Discipline Taskforce and seeks amendment of several Supreme Court rules including SCR 102, 103, 104, 105, 105.5, 110, 111, 113, 116, and 117. The petition can be found online at the following link:

These matters are set for public hearing in Carson City and Las Vegas on July 1, 2015 at 3 pm. Written comments from the bench, bar, and public must be submitted in hard copy format by 5 p.m. on June 26, 2015 for each petition. An original document and 8 copies of written comments must be submitted to Tracie K. Lindeman, Clerk of the Supreme Court, 201 South Carson Street, Carson City, Nevada 89701.

This information was provided by Michael S. Sommermeyer, Office of Public Information, Administrative Office of the Courts, Supreme Court of Nevada, 200 Lewis Avenue, 17th Floor, Las Vegas, NV, 89101-6204. Phone: 702-486-3232.

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Eighth Judicial District Court to Collect Peremptory Challenge Fee through E-Filing

Effective May 1, 2015, the Eighth Judicial District Court will collect the $450 Peremptory Challenge filling fee required by SCR 48.1(2) electronically through either the attorney’s draw down account or credit card associated with their e-filing account. See memo: EJDC-PeremptoryChallengeFee-Memo-Apr-6-2015.

For details about this update to administrative services at the court, contact the court division administrator Brandi Wendel at (702) 671-0617.

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Las Vegas Justice Court Clarifies Procedures for Assignments of Domestic Violence Cases

On April 1, 2015, the Las Vegas Justice Court filed an administrative order (AO 15-04) clarifies the assignment policies for Domestic-Violence cases. See PDF: 15-04–DV-Case-Assignments-(FINAL–File-stamped)

The order includes the detailed reasons for which cases are subject to being “retracked” from the DV Department to the department of origin. The order further clarifies the procedures for case assignments involving criminal and DUI charges.

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Las Vegas Justice Court Changes Procedures for Assignments of DUI Cases

On April 1, 2015, the Las Vegas Justice Court filed an administrative order (AO 15-03) changing the assignment policies for DUI cases and vehicular-crime cases. See (PDF): 15-03–DUI-Case-Assignments-(FINAL–File-stamped)

The order includes the detailed reasons for which cases are subject to being “retracked” from one of the DUI/Vehicular-Crime Departments to the department of origin.

The order further orders the procedures for case assignments involving criminal and domestic violence charges.

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Volunteers Sought to Judge Leadership in Action Fair at Robert O. Gibson Middle School

On April 16, 2015, Nevada attorneys are needed to judge the students who will participate in the Leadership in Action (LIA) Fair  at the Robert O. Gibson Middle School in Las Vegas. The LIA Fair begins at 5:30 p.m. and will be held on the school’s campus at 3900 W. Washington Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada (Decatur/95).

The dual language and leadership academy’s magnet theme coordinator Ms. Renee Paterson encourages members of the local and state bar to participate in this school wide event.

“We have more than 231 students that have been working for several months on researching and writing about Personal and Social Leadership issues. Specifically, our 6th graders research careers and develop life plans. I have 13 students who have selected the law/law enforcement for their career and I would love for them to be reviewed and receive feedback from law enforcement professionals. Additionally, almost all of my 8th graders have law related issues. I realize many lawyers can be extremely busy with their practices, but I still wanted to ask if the Clark County Bar Association or Nevada State Bar could refer me to interested individuals in Clark County or pass this information along to your membership.”

To sign up to judge this event, go to

Attorneys who have questions or would like to discuss this event further can contact Ms. Paterson directly at or (702) 799-4700.

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Inaugural Ceremony for Court of Appeals of Nevada Set for April 9, 2015

On April 9, 2015, beginning at 3:30 p.m. the Honorable Chief Justice James W. Hardesty of the Supreme Court of Nevada will preside over the historic Clark County inaugural ceremony of the Court of Appeals of Nevada. At this special event, the oath of office will be administered to the appellate court judges: the Honorable Michael P. Gibbons, the Honorable Abbi Silver, and the Honorable Jerome T. Tao.

The ceremony will be held in the County Commission Chambers of the Clark County Government Center, 500 South Grand Central Parkway, Las Vegas, Nevada. Members of the bar are invited to attend the reception to follow in the Pyramid Room of the Clark County Government Center.

If you wish to attend, please send an e-mail to

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Eighth Judicial District Court Orders Change to Management of Probate Cases

On March 05, 2015, the Eighth Judicial District Court filed an administrative order in the matter of assigning an alternate for probate matters. The changes were ordered to be effective immediately. The changes are detailed in Administrative Order 15-02 (PDF): EJDC-AO-15-02

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Federal CJA Panel Applications Due July 1, 2015

This announcement is for Nevada’s lawyers: 

The United States District Court for the District of Nevada is accepting applications for appointments of new Federal Criminal Justice Act (CJA) Panel attorneys (appointment of counsel for indigent defendants) for the Unofficial Southern Division of the District of Nevada. Attorneys interested in appointment to the CJA Panel must submit an application in PDF format to Lance S. Wilson, District Court Executive, by Wednesday, July 1, 2015, at Attorneys applying for the Appeal Panel must also submit a writing sample. Appointments for the new Panel will be effective October 1, 2015.

Applications are available on the Court’s website at Applicants must be members in good standing of the bar of the Federal Court and must have demonstrated experience in, and knowledge of, the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, the Federal Rules of Evidence and the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. Attorneys on the CJA Panel also must have demonstrated an interest in providing criminal defense services and a reputation for competent and vigorous representation. Members of the Panel are required to participate in six (6) hours of training in federal criminal practice, with at least three (3) of the six (6) hours on the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, per year which shall be provided through the Federal Public Defender’s Office or other Court approved provider of Continuing Legal Education.

Counsel who do not have Federal criminal experience may wish to apply for the Mentor Program. Counsel may apply for the Mentor Program by completing the CJA Panel Application and noting “Mentor Program” in the top right-hand corner.

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CCBA Moves to a New Location

As of March 1, 2015, the Clark County Bar Association (CCBA) will be located in a NEW location at 717 S. 8th Street, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89101. Our phone, fax, and e-mails will remain the same. Please update your records accordingly.

While we will be open for business today through Friday, February 27, 2015, we will have limited access to communications as the computers and phone/fax lines are transferred to the new location. We expect to be up and running by Monday, March 2, 2015.

I truly appreciate your patience during this time, as well as your continued support of our non-profit member organization.


Lawyer Representatives for United States District Court

This announcement is for Nevada’s lawyers: 

The United States District Court for the District of Nevada is accepting applications for Lawyer Representatives. Lawyer Representatives provide vital input to the Court on a myriad of issues affecting the operations of the federal courts including, but not limited to: rule changes; development of new programs; design of new court facilities and the expenditure of funds from the non-appropriated account.

To be considered for one of these positions, you must be: 1) admitted to practice in the U.S. District Court of Nevada and actively involved in federal practice; 2) interested in the purpose and framework of the Circuit Conference and willing and able to actively contribute to the creation of the District Conference, and; 3) willing to assist in implementing conference and district court programs with local bar associations. Lawyer Representatives are also expected to attend the Ninth Circuit Judicial Conference.

In addition to the above criteria, a goal of the Court in the selection of Lawyer Representatives is to ensure the chosen attorneys represent a cross-section of practitioners in federal court which specialize in civil, criminal, appellate and bankruptcy matters. Lawyer Representatives are elected to serve a three year term.

If you are interested in serving as a Lawyer Representative, please submit a letter of interest detailing your federal experience and reasons you would like to be considered to:

Mr. Lance S. Wilson, District Court Executive
Lawyer Representative Application
Lloyd D. George United States Courthouse
333 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Suite 1334
Las Vegas, Nevada 89101

The deadline for expressing interest is Friday, May 29, 2015. A list of finalists will be selected by the Court and submitted to the Board of Governors of the State Bar of Nevada for final selection. Please contact Mr. Wilson at (702) 464-5456 with questions regarding the role of a Lawyer Representative or the selection process.

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