Standard Bail Schedule Updated for Las Vegas Justice Court

On May 21, 2015, the Las Vegas Justice Court has released an updated Standard Bail Schedule for felonies, gross misdemeanors, misdemeanors, violations of protection order, and additional penalties. The schedule is effective May 26, 2015. As such, beginning at 6:00 a.m., Tuesday, May 26, 2015, the Clark County Detention Center will utilize the new bail schedule for all new CCDC bookings.

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Clark County Seeks Proposals from Law Firms to Provide Civil Defense Legal Services

Clark County is soliciting submittals from qualified firms/agencies to provide civil defense legal services to Clark County. Clark County is seeking outside legal counsel with qualifications to give legal advice and civil litigation representation of Clark County and its employees in any of the following practice areas:

  • Civil Rights Personal Injury/Tort Defense
  • Employment Bankruptcy
  • Eminent Domain General Contract Disputes
  • Flood Litigation Construction Contract Disputes
  • Public Utilities Commission Special Improvement District Litigation
  • Real Property Transactions

Law firms interested in submitting a proposal to provide these services must complete the document, “STATEMENT OF QUALIFICATIONS, SOQ NO. 603696-15, CIVIL DEFENSE LEGAL SERVICES FOR CLARK COUNTY, NEVADA” See PDF file at

Those who wish to propose their services should note the following tentative schedule set by the county:

  • Last Day to Ask Questions: May 29, 2015
  • Last Day County Will Provide Addendum: June, 3, 2015
  • Proposal Due Date: June 10, 2015 3:00 p.m. Pacific
  • Final PROPOSER Selection: June, 2015
  • Award & Approval of the Final Contract(s): July 21, 2015

To get all the details, visit the Clark County’s website at

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Bar Luncheon to Feature Nevada Attorney General Laxalt

Event registration extended to Noon, Wednesday, May 20, 2015!

HResGenLaxalt(1)Join us on Thursday, May 21, 2015 from Noon to 1 p.m. for a luncheon at the Las Vegas Country Club with featured speaker Nevada Attorney General Adam Paul Laxalt. Laxalt’s presentation will include information about the Attorney General’s Advisory Committee for the Office of Military Legal Assistance. Entrée choices are Ginger Orange Grilled Salmon, Pesto Grilled Chicken Breast, and Pasta Caprese. Check-in starts at 11:30 a.m. outside the LVCC’s main dining room.

To attend this event, please register by Noon, Wednesday, May 20, 2015 using one of the following methods:

Luncheon Sponsor

Note: All reservations to CCBA events must be pre-paid. Each person who arrives without a prior reservation will not be guaranteed a seat, a meal, or entry to the event. If space becomes available to accommodate the unexpected person, then there will be an additional fee of $15 in addition to the listed price to attend. To receive a full refund for cancellations, a written request must be made to CCBA 72 hours prior to the luncheon.

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Administrative Order Regarding Matters of Electronic Recording of Courtroom Proceedings in Juvenile Cases at Eighth Judicial District Court 

On May 7, 2015, the Eighth Judicial District Court filed an order in the matter of electronic recording of courtroom proceedings in juvenile cases. In Administrative Order 15-05 (AO 15-05), the court addresses the conditions and concerns for how electronic proceedings in juvenile dependency and juvenile delinquency cases may be opened to inspection or released only to the attorneys of record or by court order to persons who have a legitimate interest in the records. The court further ordered the clerk of the court to develop policies and procedures to ensure that electronic recordings of all juvenile proceedings are not disseminated without compliance with the order as well as conditions for their release. See Administrative Order 15-05, a PDF document.

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New Administrative Order to Address Misdemeanor Releases at Las Vegas Justice Court

On May 6, 2015, the Las Vegas Justice Court Chief Judge Joe Bonaventure signed an order (effective immediately) that addresses the condition for release of defendants who are arrested on one or more misdemeanor charges, and no gross-misdemeanor or felony charges. See Amendment to Administrative Order 15-05 (AO 15-05), a detailed four-page PDF document: 15-05-Misdemeanor-Releases-(Final)

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Procedures Amended for Assignments of DUI and Vehicular Crime Cases at Las Vegas Justice Court

On April 21, 2015, the Las Vegas Justice Court ordered amendments (effective immediately) to the policies and procedures for the assignment of cases involving DUI cases and vehicular-crime cases. To read the detailed four-page document, download the PDF file: 15-03-DUI-Case-Assignments-(Amended-Final)



Related story (April 7, 2015): “Las Vegas Justice Court Changes Procedures for Assignments of DUI Cases,” (April 7, 2015)

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Procedures Amended for Assignments of Domestic Violence Cases at Las Vegas Justice Court

On April 21, 2015, the Las Vegas Justice Court ordered amendments (effective immediately) to procedures for the assignment of cases involving domestic violence. To read the detailed three-page document, download the PDF file: 15-04-DV-Case-Assignments-(Amended-Final)


Related story (April 7, 2015): “Las Vegas Justice Court Clarifies Procedures for Assignments of Domestic Violence Cases,”

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Eighth Judicial District Court Civil/Criminal Case Reassignment Effective May 4, 2015

Effective May 4, 2015, the Eighth Judicial District Court reassigned cases in conjunction with the arrival of its newly appointed district judges and as reflected in Administrative Order 15-03. The following reassignments and track changes are in effect:

  1. 1. Department 2’s entire case load will be transferred to Department 15.
  2. 2. Department 15’s entire caseload will be transferred to Department 2.
  3. 3. Department 2 will replace Department 15 in Track 8 of the Criminal Case Flow Model.

Attorneys should review the posted administrative order and the Odyssey electronic case management system for further specifics on the aforementioned transfers and to confirm upcoming hearing dates. In the event a party is eligible pursuant to Supreme Court Rule 48.1, he or she may exercise a peremptory challenge as a result of the case having been reassigned.

To read the full administrative order (AO 15-03), it is available as “May 2015 Civil/Criminal Case Reassignment” under “Court News” at Questions can be directed to Assistant Court Administrator Timothy Andrews at (702) 671-3312.

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Public Hearing Scheduled for July 1, 2015 by Nevada Supreme Court in Regards to Amendments to Court Rules Regarding Attorney Discipline

On April 28, 2015, the Supreme Court of Nevada filed an order setting a public hearing for July 1, 2015, at 1 p.m. to consider amendments to various attorney discipline rules discussed in ADKT 0505 and ADKT 0506. Links to the appropriate petitions and orders scheduling hearing accompany each of the following petition descriptions:

  • ADKT 0505
    The Supreme Court will consider ADKT petition 0505 from the State Bar of Nevada’s Board of Governors to amend Supreme Court Rule (SCR) 105, regarding attorney discipline. The petition seeks a change in the standard of review by the Supreme Court in attorney discipline cases upholding a discipline panel’s findings of fact unless they are clearly erroneous. The Supreme Court would continue to review de novo the conclusions of law and impose an appropriate sanction. The petition can be found online at the following link:
  • ADKT 0506
    This petition from the State Bar of Nevada’s Board of Governors arises out of a number of recommendations from the State Bar of Nevada Discipline Taskforce and seeks amendment of several Supreme Court rules including SCR 102, 103, 104, 105, 105.5, 110, 111, 113, 116, and 117. The petition can be found online at the following link:

These matters are set for public hearing in Carson City and Las Vegas on July 1, 2015 at 3 pm. Written comments from the bench, bar, and public must be submitted in hard copy format by 5 p.m. on June 26, 2015 for each petition. An original document and 8 copies of written comments must be submitted to Tracie K. Lindeman, Clerk of the Supreme Court, 201 South Carson Street, Carson City, Nevada 89701.

This information was provided by Michael S. Sommermeyer, Office of Public Information, Administrative Office of the Courts, Supreme Court of Nevada, 200 Lewis Avenue, 17th Floor, Las Vegas, NV, 89101-6204. Phone: 702-486-3232.

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Eighth Judicial District Court to Collect Peremptory Challenge Fee through E-Filing

Effective May 1, 2015, the Eighth Judicial District Court will collect the $450 Peremptory Challenge filling fee required by SCR 48.1(2) electronically through either the attorney’s draw down account or credit card associated with their e-filing account. See memo: EJDC-PeremptoryChallengeFee-Memo-Apr-6-2015.

For details about this update to administrative services at the court, contact the court division administrator Brandi Wendel at (702) 671-0617.

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