Clark County Bar Association Honors Senior Members at “40 Year Club” Event

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UPDATE 3/24/2014:  A program was printed and distributed at this event. See PDF: 40-Year-Club-Event-Program-2014

Over 30 attorneys will be honored in Las Vegas, Nevada on Thursday, March 20, 2014, at a special event hosted by the Clark County Bar Association.

The Clark County Bar Association (CCBA) is pleased to announce the names of the inductees and honorees for the March 20, 2014 special event, “40 Year Club Induction Ceremony & Luncheon,” sponsored by Bank of Nevada, Greenberg Traurig, LLP, and Integrated Forensic Services, LLC.

 Inductees to the 40 Year Club (admitted to practice law in 1974):

  • J. Bruce Alverson, Esq. of Alverson Taylor Mortensen & Sanders
  • Hon. Chris Beecroft, Jr., ADR Commissioner of Eighth Judicial District Court
  • Hon. James Bixler, Judge at Eighth Judicial District Court – Dept. 24
  • J. Mitchell Cobeaga, Esq. of the The Cobeaga Law Firm
  • Frank Cremen, Esq. of Law Offices of Frank J. Cremen
  • James Crockett, Esq., Jr. of Crockett & Myers
  • William Curran, Esq. of Ballard Spahr LLP
  • Charles Damus, Esq. of Damus & Associates
  • Keith Galliher, Jr., Esq. of The Galliher Law Firm
  • A. Kent Greene, Esq. of Greene Roberts & Rasmussen, PLLC
  • Bill Hammer, Esq. of Hammer & Associates, Ltd.
  • George Lyles, Esq. of Olson, Cannon, Gormley, Angulo & Stoberski
  • Hon. James Mahan, Judge at U.S. District Court – District of Nevada
  • John Momot, Esq. of Law Office of John J. Momot
  • Stephen Novacek, Esq. of Holland & Hart, LLP
  • James Olson, Esq. of Cannon, Gormley, Angulo & Stoberski
  • Lenard Schwartzer, Esq. of Schwartzer & McPherson
  • J. Thomas Susich, Esq. of Nevada Employment Security Division
  • John Wanderer, Esq., Wanderer Law, PC

 Celebrating 45 Years (admitted to practice law in 1969):

  • Neil Beller, Esq. of Neil J. Beller, Ltd.
  • Wm. Patterson Cashill, Esq. of Wm. Patterson Cashill, Ltd.
  • Hyrum Bruce Cox, Esq. of H. Bruce Cox, Esq.
  • Steve Morris, Esq. of Morris Law Group
  • John O’Brien, Esq. of John D. O’Brien, Ltd.
  • Don Tingey, Esq. of Tingey & Tingey

 Celebrating 50 Years (admitted to practice law in 1964):

  • James Ordowski, Esq., of James Ordowski, Attorney at Law
  • John Renshaw, Esq. of Kaempfer Crowell Renshaw Gronauer & Fiorentino
  • R. Ian Ross, Esq.

 Celebrating 55 Years (admitted to practice law in 1959):

  • Jack Cherry, Esq. of Alverson Taylor Mortensen & Sanders
  • Norman Hilbrecht, Esq. of Hilbrecht & Associates Chtd.
  • M. Edwin Prudhomme, Esq. of Prudhomme Law Office

 Celebrating 60 Years (admitted to practice law in 1954):

  • Samuel Lionel, Esq. of Lionel Sawyer & Collins

Held during the local bar’s luncheon, this popular, annual event offers people the chance to learn about the history of the local legal community. Each year, the event honors attorneys who have been practicing for 40, 50, 55, and 60 years. This year’s inductees—those who have been admitted to practice law for 40 years—will be invited to share memorable anecdotes and comments about their career. The format of the event will be informal and with the pace set by the Master of Ceremonies and “Ask Mr. Lawyer” humorist and CCBA Past President (’96) Sal Gugino, Esq.

The event will be held at the Cili Restaurant at Bali Hai Golf Club in Las Vegas from Noon to 1:30 p.m. with check-in to begin at 11:30 a.m. To attend the event, registrations with payment must be made to CCBA by Friday, March 14, 2014.

UPDATE 2/27/2014: THIS EVENT IS NOW SOLD-OUT! If you want to attend, please send your name and contact information to our operations manager Donna Wiessner. She can add your name to our “wait list.” Questions? Call Donna directly at (702) 333-2266 or through the main line at (702) 387-6011.

Call CCBA at (702) 387-6011  with any questions or to register over the phone.

About the Clark County Bar Association

The Clark County Bar Association is a private, voluntary, 501(c)(6) member organization that includes members throughout the county, state and nation. Its purpose is to provide meaningful services to members, opportunities for collegiality and social interaction, perform outreach services to the community at large and to promote professionalism.

For more information, contact CCBA at (702) 387-6011.