Beware of Fraud Targeting Law Firms

Beware of the E-mail Scam, a law practice management tip

Please be aware of a possible 419 scam that is targeting law firms. What’s the scam? The following scenario has been reported to the Clark County Bar Association:

A Mei Russell contacts a law firm via the internet requesting assistance to enforce the final judgment of a negotiated cash settlement agreement with her husband, a Brian Russell in Las Vegas, NV. She seeks legal help to compel him to remit to her a hefty sum owed in family support monies.

Beware of those who ask for the firm’s account information in order to send them a retainer fee. DO NOT GIVE OUT ANY ACCOUNT INFORMATION, THAT IS WHAT THEY WANT. Once they get the account information, it might be used for fraudulent activity.

Safety Tips:
* Never give out your bank account information via e-mail.
* Close any account which you have given out the account number.
* Ask the bank to verify any cashiers check.

Educate yourself and your staff. Don’t become a victim!

Want to learn more and help fight fraud?
Contact the Nevada Fight Fraud Task Force.

Want to report e-scams and hoaxes?
Contact the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) to file a complaint about internet fraud.