Las Vegas Justice Court Order Addresses Restitution Amounts Due to be Paid for Specific Criminal Cases

On July 31, 2014 an order was signed by the Chief Justice of the Peace Karen Bennett-Haron for the Las Vegas Justice Court in the matter of restitution in criminal cases. The order included the list of cases with unpaid restitution amounts due to be paid to the Clark County District Attorney’s Victim-Witness Assistance Center... Read more

Las Vegas Justice Court’s New Policy Regarding Restitution Payments – Effective August 1, 2014

Effective on August 1, 2014, the Las Vegas Justice Court will no longer accept restitution payments for criminal cases. Instead, restitution payments will be accepted at the following location: Clark County District Attorney Victim-Witness Assistance Center 200 Lewis Avenue, 3rd Floor of the Regional Justice Center Las Vegas, NV 89155-2212 (702) 671-2525 All restitution must... Read more

Las Vegas Justice Court Reassigns Case to Henderson Justice Court

The Las Vegas Justice Court has filed an administrative order regarding the disqualification of the court’s justices of the peace in the matter of a particular case. Effective June 18, 2014, the order transfers case #14F-03035X to the Henderson Justice Court for future proceedings. To learn more, read Administrative Order 14-02 (PDF): LVJC-14-02-JPs-Disqualied-Case-#14F-03035X

Administrative Changes for “Q-Cases” at the Las Vegas Justice Court are Effective Immediately

On June 4, 2014, an administrative order was filed with the Las Vegas Justice Court in the matter regarding the scheduling of certain criminal cases for hearing regarding matters known as “Q-Cases” that involve violations of the Nevada State Contractor’s Board and violations involving Clark County Animal Control. The changes in procedure are outlined in... Read more

Las Vegas Justice Court Civil Bench-Bar Meeting on March 26, 2014

Where: Courtroom 7D, Regional Justice Center, 200 Lewis Ave, Las Vegas When: Wednesday, March 26, 2014 at 11:30 a.m Nevada attorneys who practice in civil matters in Las Vegas Justice Court are invited to this meeting to comment and/or ask questions about some of the ongoing modifications of processes in the civil department. (Please bring... Read more

Las Vegas Justice Court Announces Case Reassignments

The Las Vegas Justice Court has released Administrative Order 13-04. AO 13-04 addresses the following inter-departmental case transfers and assignments: Effective on December 20, 2013, any Probable-Cause (PC) Case or Criminal Complaint which includes DUI as a charge will be retracked to Department 9 or Department 13, based upon existing procedures relating to the department... Read more