May 2016

Articles from the “Real Estate Law” issue of the printed journal, Communiqué (May 2016): “Representations and Warranties in Commercial Real Estate Transactions” by Don G. Martin, Esq. “Shadow Wood Affirmed Established Legal Standards Relating to HOA Foreclosures” by Kelley K. Blatnik, Esq. and Paul Connaghan, Esq. “A Perspective From a Bank Attorney on HOA Foreclosure Litigation” by Thomas […]

April 2016

Articles from the “Alternative Dispute Resolution” issue of the printed journal, Communiqué (April 2016): “Court-Connected ADR Mythbusters!” by ADR Commissioner Chris A. Beecroft, Jr. “Appeal Settlements at the Supreme Court of Nevada” by Paul C. Ray, Esq. “ADR Everywhere, and It’s Here to Stay” by Phil Dabney, Esq. “Good Faith in Mandatory Settlement Conferences” by John Naylor, Esq. […]

March 2016

Articles from the “Labor & Employment” issue of the printed journal, Communiqué (March 2016): “Department of Labor Offers Administrative Interpretation Lowering Joint Employment Bar” by S. Brett Sutton, Esq. and Jared Hague, Esq. “Independent Contractor Agreements” by Rick D. Roskelley, Esq. and Kathryn B. Blakey, Esq. “Employer-Employee: Filing and Defending a Claim for Unemployment Benefits” by David Olshan, […]

February 2016

Articles from the “Community Service” issue of the printed journal, Communiqué (February 2016) : “CCBA Volunteerism: A Spotlight on CCBA Members Serving the Community” “Youth Court Gives Troubled Teens a “Second Chance” While Holding Them Accountable for Their Actions” by Alexis L. Brown, Esq. “Finding Pro Bono Service That Fits Your Practice and Passion” By Jennifer L. Braster […]

January 2016

Articles from the “Five Things” issue of the printed journal, Communiqué (January 2016) : “Five Things Attorneys Should Know About Cybersecurity” By Jennifer Roberts, Esq. “Five Things Nevada Attorneys Should Know About Electronic Discovery” By Ira Victor and Sean Brohawn, Esq. “Five Things Attorneys Should Know About Requesting Costs” By Judge Mathew Harter “Five Things Attorneys Should Know […]

December 2015

Articles from the “Corporate Law” issue of the the printed journal, Communiqué (December 2015) : “Who, How, and Why Are You Calling? Recent Developments in the Telephone Consumer Protection Act” by Holly A. Priest, Esq. “Nevada Business Trust Basics” by Marjorie A. Guymon, Esq. “Potential New Year’s Resolution – Is it Time to Update your Bylaws? Recent Corporate […]

November 2015

Articles from the “Law Practice Management” from the printed journal, Communiqué (November 2015) : “Some Things That Can Hurt You if You Do Not Pay Attention” By Dennis L. Kennedy, Esq. “What If? Practice Succession for the Disabled or Deceased Attorney” By S. Craig Stone II, Esq. “Work-Life Balance is Not About Balance” By Jacquelyn M. Franco, Esq. […]

October 2015

Articles from the “Social Media” and more “Legislative Wrap-Up” articles from the printed journal, Communiqué (October 2015) : “Ten Years of Facebook: Taking Stock of Social Media’s Impact on the Workplace” by Laura J. Thalacker, Esq. “Immunity and the Rise of Social Media” by Gregory R. Gemignani, Esq. “Four Questions to Answer Before Becoming a Blogger” by Michael P. […]

September 2015

Articles from the “Legislative Wrap-up” issue of Communiqué (September 2015), the publication of the Clark County Bar Association: COMMUNIQUE-Sept-2015-web “The Uber Bumpy Ride to Catch a Lyft” by Aviva Y. Gordon, Esq. “SB 306: Recent Changes to Homeowners’ Association Foreclosures” by Lindsay Demaree, Esq. “SB 484 – Changes to Probate and Trust Law” by Alan D. Freer, Esq. and […]

August 2015

Articles from the International Law issue of Communiqué (August 2015), the publication of the Clark County Bar Association: “Judicial Independence and The Rule of Law at Home and Abroad” by Hon. Philip M. Pro (Ret.) “Financial Regulatory Systems in the EU and Effects on Doing Business” by Senad Hrustanovic and Paul C. Ray, Esq. “A Global Overview […]