Volunteer Hall of Fame

Welcome to the CCBA Volunteer Hall of Fame

Hall of FameThe CCBA Hall of Fame recognizes the efforts of CCBA members who, through the support of CCBA and CCLF events, honor and serve both southern Nevada and our local legal community. Because of the generosity and active participation of these members, CCBA is able to positively impact our community, and promote professionalism.

As this page develops, we will list CCBA members who volunteer and support CCBA and CCLF activities. Members who participate in three or more activities per calendar year will be included in the Top Supporter Section of this Hall of Fame. To all of our members, thank you for your continued support.


Special Olympics’ So. NV. Aquatic Regionals

On Saturday, May 22, 2010 over thirty of our CCBA members shared their time and energies at the Special Olympics’ So. NV. Aquatic Regionals.  It was a great opportunity to give service to this outstanding program. Thanks to the following CCBA members for their willingness to give service to this important organization.

Shannon Nordstrom
Mariteresa Rivera-Rogers
Stacy Perez and her daughter
Anita Webster
Chris Miller
Zoie Miller
Zach Miller
Robin Chase
Augusta Massey
Karen Eddington
Chris Bloomfield
Kendall Willes
Courtney Hackett
Darci Dipo
Diane Carter
Ursla Gerads
Amy Braudis
Alice O’Hearn
Larry O’Hearn
Barbara Mull
Cheryl Snider
Sarah Thornton
Delgado Lopez
Lynn Eckles
Mike Shalmy
Amber White-Davidson
Mike Davidson
Anastasia Noe
L-Ikera Retzloff
Stephanie Abbott