Letter from the President

Kimberly A. Buchanan, Esq. CCBA President 2014

Kimberly A. Buchanan, Esq.
CCBA President 2014

Promote Professionalism and Foster Civility Among Colleagues

By Kimberly Buchanan, Esq.

As I pen this last article as President of the Clark County Bar Association (CCBA), I reflect upon the many years I have been involved with this wonderful organization. My involvement with CCBA began when I was a young attorney on the CLE Committee. Eventually, I became chair before ascending to the Executive Board in 2006. I remember the many wonderful speakers who have been generous with their time in providing CLEs for the bar. I think back to many Meet Your Judges Mixers where I have made or renewed friendships. So, this year as president was the culmination of many years of my involvement in an organization that I love, and thus it is with a little sadness, that I say goodbye.

In looking back at this year, I was blessed with an amazing Executive Board, a dedicated group of individuals willing to devote their time and resources to the governance and improvement of this organization. CCBA Operations Manager Donna Wiessner and Communications Coordinator Stephanie Abbott are two gems who work tirelessly to ensure the seamless continuity of CCBA throughout the years. The Executive Board and these two special ladies have my eternal gratitude.

A noteworthy event this year was the recent November 2014 Bar Admission Ceremony at the Historic Fifth Street School where Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson gave the keynote address through his Assistant District Attorney Chris Lalli. The speech, while entertaining, had an important message about the importance of professionalism. ADA Lalli underscored the importance of civility and demonstrated how small our legal community remains. He did this through the use of anecdotes; he told stories about attorneys who were once opponents in court who ultimately became allies or in his case, his boss. No one knows what the future holds and thus it is important to treat others with civility and respect at all times.

In addition to an individual’s commitment to professionalism, civility is fostered through greater socialization. Because the bar has grown exponentially and technology seemingly allows less human interaction, it is important for face to face interaction with other members of the bar. Thus, I urge you to get involved in the CCBA, which provides many networking and social opportunities. Attend our December 11th luncheon at Mundo, our next Meet Your Judges Mixer or get involved in a committee.

I am proud to have led such an incredible organization this year, and I am grateful for all of your trust and support. Thank you for allowing me to serve as your president. It has been an honor and a privilege. Best wishes and continued success in 2015.

Kimberly Buchanan is Senior Deputy Attorney General in the Public Safety Division at the Nevada Office of the Attorney General, representing the Department of Motor Vehicles and the Department of Public Safety. She serves as President of the Clark County Bar Association through December 2014. She encourages you to support our non-profit member organization. Inquiries about CCBA can be directed to CCBA Operations Manager Donna Wiessner at (702) 387-6011.

Download a copy of The Lawyers Pledge of Professionalism (PDF): pledge_of_professionalism_ccba